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Created to celebrate the origins and early days of Jalopy Racing.
We hope it will serve as an interesting and informative guide to the subject, and give due credit to the people who dedicated their time and energy to the sport.
We start with a limited amount of information so will rely upon the contributions of those who visit, and who are willing to provide us with their memories and pictures. The mission is to build a record that is both factual and entertaining.

Jalopying Background.

National Autograss Sport Association badge in 1973

Many local Jalopy clubs had been in existence for some time before the Western Grass Track Car Racing Association was founded in 1966.

In 1969, the British Jalopy Racing Association (BJRA) was formed from 4 leagues; West Midland, Welsh, West Wales, West of England. The last National BJRA Championship was held at Hampton Bishop in 1973 (hosted by Cwmdu Jalopy Club). The British Jalopy League was formed in 1974, around the time when 'Jalopy' became 'Autograss', perhaps to project a more professional image, along with the National Autograss Sport Association (NASA).

Jalopy Racing Website Organisation.

Unconventional overtaking manoeuvre

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Geoff Dalley

All material supplied will be credited to the copyright holder where provided.
Special thanks go to Geoff Dalley who provided the original set of source material. His years of participation and interest have provided the valuable material.

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Shirley Dalley in her jalopying days

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